Eliminate Issues With Reliable Toilet Repair in Weatherford, TX

by | Dec 20, 2016 | Plumbers

The toilet is one of the most commonly used fixtures in any plumbing installation, but toilets can develop a few problems. Perhaps the most aggravating of these is a loose seat. This particular issue is usually simple to fix. Either tighten the existing seat or purchase a new one. Other reasons that property owners need toilet repair in Weatherford TX can be more vexing. For instance, the appliance may run continuously. Even worse, the commode may not flush or it may attempt to work but fail because there is not enough water to flush correctly. Unfortunately, there can be various reasons for these issues, and most are the result of faulty components.

One of the more common failures with a lavatory is a constant flow of water. Not only is this issue noisy, but it can also result in costly utility bills. There are several causes of this problem such as a stuck flap. The flap is used to seal the opening between the tank and the bowl. Because this opening may have different sizes due to manufacturing variances, the flap is designed to fit a number of models. The flaps used to close the tank are typically made from rubber, which seems like a great idea. However, water is a solvent and it can break down practically everything, even rubber. Eventually, the seal between the tank and bowl will degrade and a constant leak occurs. Swapping out the old components should help, but it may be necessary to replace the fitting between the tank and bowl because of damage from constantly moving water.

Another reason to consider toilet repair in Weatherford TX is corrosion. Some components in the toilet tank use metal. This is because metal usually has more strength than plastic. Unfortunately, certain metals can corrode, and this corrosion will eventually allow things to break. Corrosion could affect something as simple as the chain that operates the flap, but it could also damage the controlling valve. Of course, some expensive components are made using less corrosive metals, but there are other problems that can occur. For example, locations that have hard water could experience a mineral buildup on the mechanical systems in the toilet. Lime and calcium accumulation can result in sticking valves and the loss of toilet function. Visit us and get more details about toilet failures and their repair.

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