Ensure the Drains Flow Freely With Expert Drain Cleaning in Easton

by | Jul 24, 2015 | Plumbers

Owning property, whether it’s residential, commercial or industrial, can require a lot of troubleshooting. Accidents happen all the time, and a simple situation can quickly become something huge. For example, the drainage pipe between a home and the municipal connection can become clogged with sludge, debris, roots or even pieces of damaged pipe. The blockage may not be noticed immediately provided the excess water is being drained away, but the clog is continually building. The problem can usually be eliminated with Drain Cleaning in Easton provided the problem isn’t too large.

One of the best tools that the modern plumber has for determining sewer problems is the video camera, usually called a video snake. This tool is a flexible cable system with a camera attached to the end. The use of a small video camera allows the plumber to locate blockages, plant roots or pipe faults. To apply this tool, the plumber will need an access point. This is normally a vent hole placed close to the home, but the contractor may need to remove the toilet closest to the line if a vent is unavailable.

Some Drain Cleaning in Easton is fairly easy. The plumber simply needs to clear the clog and get the sewage flowing properly. In more serious situations such as a heavy sludge buildup from years of use, the contractor may suggest the use of a hydro-wash. This is a high-pressure system that scours the pipe walls and washes the waste from the sewer system. The end result is a drainage system that functions like new. At this point, it might be a good idea to have the plumbing contractor inspect the sewer pipes with the video snake again.

Not all drain problems occur outside the building. In fact, many clogs are a simple result of too much gunk or debris stuck in the P-traps. P-traps are those ‘S’ or ‘U’ shaped pieces of pipe that are connected close to the drain. Their function is to block the return of sewer gases by filling portions of the pipe with water. The fix is usually simple, a plumber can remove the P-traps and clean out any trash. Learn more about solving drain problems at AgentisPlumbing.com.

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