Fix Your Slow Drains and Toilet Problems With Drain Cleaning in Colorado Springs, CO

by | Mar 3, 2015 | Construction & Maintenance, Plumbers, Water Heaters

When most people think about plumbing problems, they tend to focus on leaking pipes or damaged faucets, but clogged drains can be a serious issue as well. This is because a clog in the sewer pipes could result in sewage flowing back into the home and ruining floors and drywall. Clogs can occur in several places, such as the toilet or the pipe traps, but serious clogs often happen in the main sewer lines. The former are generally easy repairs while the latter can require special tools to locate and remove the problem.

Drain Cleaning in Colorado Springs CO can be as simple as emptying the pipe traps under the sink. These are the small S or U-shaped pipes that are designed to prevent sewer gas from entering the home. Unfortunately, the crook of these pipes can also accumulate food, hair or other debris which blocks the flow of waste water. These pipes are usually PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride), so care must be taken when removing or replacing them because the threads could be damaged. This can result in leaks around the drain pipes.

Sewer lines present the largest problem when clogs occur. First, it is necessary to locate a vent or other access to the pipe. If an access point isn’t found, then the plumber must remove the toilet closest to the main line. At this point, the plumber may use a video system to inspect the pipe and search for the problem. This gives the plumber an easy way to check the pipe for damage and determine the best way to fix the clog. The most likely tool for clog removal is the rooter. This is also known as a pipe snake. The rooter is a flexible cable with a piercing auger attached. It can quickly puncture most clogs and get the water flowing again.

Once the sewer is moving, the plumber may suggest you have the pipes cleaned with a hydro-wash. This is a high pressure system much like the one at a car wash. A hydro-wash can quickly remove years of accumulated crud from the pipes and help your sewer flow like new. If your home is suffering from slow drains or is in need of Drain Cleaning in Colorado Springs CO, then it is time to contact an expert like Jazy Frei Plumbing & Heating.

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