Benefits of Brass Fittings

by | Jul 31, 2014 | Pipefitter

Brass fittings have long been used as plumbing fixtures in commercial, industrial and residential applications. Comprised of zinc and copper, brass is a strong and durable material that is made to last. Using brass fittings can enhance and improve the overall efficiency of your plumbing system. If you are looking for a right fitting for your hose system, you may wish to consider brass as one of your top options with its accrued benefits.

As a solid and sturdy material, brass is perfect for hose systems as it can withstand long periods of wear and tear. Requiring little maintenance, they can preserve their condition for years without signs of disintegration or cracking. Epitome of durability and resilience, it can hold up to strong pressures as well as high temperatures. They are so durable that they can even survive burning fires.

Fittings that are made of brass are making their way into homes, offices and factories as they have an edge over other type of materials. Being versatile, there is a wide variety of fittings that come in all shapes, sizes, finishes and dimensions.

Some people use the fittings to alter the size of the pipes, making it easier to cater to hose installations that require exact specifications. Other than its functionality, the aesthetics of the brass fitting can be chosen according to different taste and preferences. The fittings can be coated with nickel finish, chrome or even lacquered finish.

Brass has one of the highest resistances to corrosion as compared to other types of metal fittings. It is ideal for people living in areas that have high humidity levels. While other fittings may prone to rust and corrosion, having a brass fitting will certainly help to slow down the corrosion process. Another attractive quality of brass is its malleability.

Its ability to be shaped and bent makes it simple and fuss-free for professionals to perform plumbing works. The installation costs are kept to the minimal due to the ease involved. When purchasing fittings made of brass, it is pivotal to go through credible sources like Ameriflex Hose and Accessories. Having a quality brass fitting is definitely a worthwhile investment, as it is made to last for years.



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