For Reliable Service, Get Professional Water Heater Installation in Temecula

by | Jun 18, 2014 | Plumbers

Home and business owners alike rely on a reliable supply of hot water. When hot water does not come out of the tap, daily routines are interrupted quickly. In homes, washing clothes and dishes stops. Showers become very uncomfortable, and no one wants to take a cold bath. Businesses that rely on hot water extensively, especially food related industries, must simply shut down when there is no hot water available. Temecula area plumbing contractors, however, can resolve the issues quickly.

Many water heater issues are repairable, but industry experts generally advise that home or business owners not try to resolve the problems on their own. While it is totally appropriate to check electrical breakers or other minor issues, leave other repairs to the experts. Area companies like Kent Plumbing ( are equipped and trained to diagnose problems and quickly replace affected parts. Home or business owners, on the other hand, may misdiagnose a problem, leading to additional expenses and wasted time. Contacting a professional is strongly recommended to ensure the unit is repaired properly.

When water heater repair estimates reach a certain level, it is often far more prudent to simply replace the unit. If local professionals identify a significant problem, they will provide the client with different repair or replacement options. In many cases, new water heater installation in Temecula will prove more practical, as newer water heaters are far more energy efficient than older ones. When repair costs will be significant, any additional costs of replacing the older unit can often be recaptured quickly.

Many times, plumbing professionals respond to a service call to find water heaters that are not the best units for their intended use. Many home and business owners were sold on water heater installation in Temecula where the units were far larger than needed to meet family or business needs. Keeping water hot all the time costs money, and if the water heater is keeping far more water than needed hot, those costs can escalate quickly. The plumbing experts will suggest better alternatives that are generally far more energy efficient.

There are also newer water heater styles that have gained in popularity in recent years. Tankless and hybrid water heaters that are similar to heat pumps are now routinely used to reduce energy consumption. Ask a plumbing professional about the different options available in Temecula.

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