Keep Your Plumbing Reliable no Matter what Goes Down the Drain

Plumbing could be considered the most important system in a home. Though electricity, heating, and cooling make life much easier and more comfortable, the network of pipes bringing in fresh water and carrying out waste helps maintain cleanliness. As long as this particular system is working properly, bacteria, viruses, allergens, and other harmful substances are washed away and safely distributed elsewhere. Of course, when something goes wrong in this realm, it tends to really toss a wrench into the works.

In some cases, the source of improper drainage is fairly obvious. When water backs up in the shower or bathroom sink, it’s likely due to a mass of hair caught in the pipe not very far from the drain. In the kitchen, the root of the problem could be grease. Shortening, butter, cooking oil mixed with pork chop fat, or any other type of frying facilitator is in liquid form while hot. If poured down the sink drain, it quickly cools into a solid, blocking anything else from passing through the pipe.

Plenty of liquid drain cleaners are available on store shelves. Though some offer a temporary fix, experts warn against using these products. They could, ultimately, cause damage to sinks and pipes, but they could also splash, causing severe burns if they come in contact with skin. A more appropriate solution would be calling in a professional who has the right knowledge and equipment to remedy the situation safely and permanently.

For some clogs, the cause it a bit less apparent, such as toilets refusing to flush correctly on a regular basis. The problem here could be a broken underground pipe or even tree roots forcing their way into the main sewer line. Starting at the top and working your way down, taking apart and digging up everything along the way to find the reason behind the madness wouldn’t be practical, but a professional plumber can offer a much less invasive method. Video inspections provide a clear view into pipes to locate the issue in advance.

You depend on the home’s plumbing far more than you probably realize. When it’s not working as it should, it could put a huge kink in your daily routines. Whether you washed too much garden dirt off fresh onions in the kitchen sink or your little guy flushed his teddy bear to see if it would pop up in the bathtub, call Drain Remedy Inc. for help.

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