Lansdale PA Plumbing Contractor for Brown Water

Have you noticed that your water is brown? If so, it likely has scared you. First things first, a Lansdale PA Plumbing Contractor, like Horizon Services, is the best resource to use to determine why your water is discolored. You have every reason to be concerned, and there may be a possibility that a plumber will not be available to test the water immediately. This is why it makes sense to know what could be causing the color changes.

Hard Water

If hard water is the culprit of the brownish water, your plumber can help you by including a water softener in your plumbing system. Some people do not take hard water issues as serious as others. They feel as though the water is fine as long as it does not harm them or damage their properties. If this sounds like you, consider what may happen when you wash clothes. Sometimes hard water causes white clothes to appear dingy. At a minimum, you will need a plan to avoid this type of mishap.

Corroded Pipes

There are a number of properties that have galvanized pipes in them. These pipes are responsible for brownish water. They should be taken seriously because corroded pipes can become burst pipes. Burst pipes can become thousands of dollars of damage. Keep in mind that these types of damage can be prolonged. Sometimes, property owners do not know about them until significant water damage is present.


Yes, dead animals could also be the cause of your brownish water. It will depend upon the type of plumbing system you have. Most people with city water can count on their water being treated for impurities. However, this does not mean that their water will not be discolored. It may even stink if a dead animal is present. Removing dead animals from the system unfortunately costs money. It can also cause dangerous health conditions if the water is not treated.

You can prevent these disasters by ensuring that you have a Lansdale PA Plumbing Contractor, like Horizon Services, as a contact. As soon as you suspect that something is going wrong with your system you should call a plumber immediately. Additionally, we highly recommend scheduling annual appointments too.

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