Signs of the Need for Garbage Disposal and Sink Repair in Martinsburg WV

Most people don’t worry much about the garbage disposal; after all, it’s pretty much out of sight. However, problems can arise when the sink gets backed up or when someone must retrieve a valuable item from the disposal’s clutches. Although the garbage disposal isn’t the star of the show, it exhibits certain signs when it isn’t working properly. If a garbage disposal shows any of these trouble signs, call a plumber for sink repair in Martinsburg WV.

It Won’t Turn On at All

If the user turns the disposal on to no avail, there’s a big problem. However, before calling a plumber, the homeowner should check the circuit breaker and fuse connected to the disposal. Solving the problem may be as simple as flipping a switch or hitting a reset button. However, if the circuit or fuse hasn’t blown, the homeowner should call a plumber for an inspection and possible garbage disposal replacement.

A Persistent Foul Odor

Sometimes, no matter what a homeowner tries or which remedies they use, they can’t get the smell out of the garbage disposal. If citrus fruit, hot water, and chemical cleaners don’t do the trick, the owner should consider calling a plumber to disassemble and thoroughly clean the unit or replace it if necessary.

Taking Too Long to do the Job

A properly functioning garbage disposal should have enough power to make short work of food waste. If it takes too long to do its job, it’s likely because the blades have dulled. In this case, it’s not necessary to replace the entire unit, but the owner should ask a plumber to replace or sharpen the blades.

Frequent Jamming or Clogging

Again, a garbage disposal should have enough strength to break down food waste. If the unit jams or clogs even when small amounts of food are put in, a plumber should inspect it. With a thorough once-over, a plumber can tell the homeowner whether repair or replacement is the right option.

Garbage disposal and Sink Repair in Martinsburg WV can be complex, not to mention dangerous. It’s best for the area’s homeowners to leave these repairs to the professionals. Check out website name to learn more or to schedule a service call.

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