Standard Septic Services in Old Bridge, NJ

For people that don’t have municipal sewer systems, septic tank systems are the only way they can deal with water-based household waste. Whether it’s what’s gets flushed down the toilet, what goes down a kitchen or bathroom sink, or the water that drains from bathtubs and showers, this waste will have to be dealt with. A septic system is extremely helpful in handling this type of water-based waste, and while septic systems are extremely durable, there are certain Septic Services in Old Bridge NJ that will need to be attended to from time to time.

One of the most common types of services is pumping out a septic tank. This may need to be done every three to four years, depending on the size of the septic system, but it’s important to have the tank pumped out at regular intervals. If the tank is ignored, the septic system cannot only become damaged, but the system can actually back up into the home’s plumbing. This can create an unsanitary condition that is both hazardous as well as inconvenient.

Another issue that will often need to be addressed is the condition of the leaching field. This is the disposal area for water waste that is, typically the top layer of a septic tank. This water is transferred from the tank through pipes into a leaching field where perforated pipes allow this filtered water to soak into the soil. If pipes have become corroded or damaged, or if the area itself has become inundated with water or has been subject to erosion, the septic system won’t work properly, and a great deal of damage can occur. This damage can be quite expensive to repair. Making sure this disposal area is in good condition is an excellent way to make sure the septic system is working at peak efficiency.

While there are many different Septic Services in Old Bridge NJ that may have to be attended to, these are the most common. That’s why, if your home uses a septic system, you will want to make sure these and other maintenance issues are taken care of as needed. The results of not doing so can be disastrous both from a convenience and a financial standpoint. If you want to find more information about these and other septic services, check out a local septic and plumbing provider.

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