Steps to Try to Clear a Kitchen Drain Before Calling a Plumber in Olivebranch, MS

Kitchen drains often have food, oil, water, and other things poured down them. Eventually, this will mean the drain is going to become clogged. Homeowners experiencing a clogged kitchen sink, but not a clog elsewhere in the home, have a few steps they can try before they contact a Plumber Olivebranch MS. This may help them save money.

Get as Much Water as Possible Out of the Sink

It’s often a good idea to wait for the sink to drain if possible. Very slow drains might take a day to empty, but the water might be able to get through a little bit at a time. If not, the person will want to get as much of the water as possible out of the sink to help prevent a huge mess in the remaining steps.

Find the U-Shaped Trap Under the Sink

Under the sink, there should be a U-shaped piece of plumbing. This typically has rings around both ends that hold it to the other pipes. This is meant to trap anything that could clog the system further down to make them easier to repair. The person will want to have a bucket and a towel under this piece before moving to the next step to catch any water that hasn’t completely drained.

Empty and Clean the U-Shaped Piece

The u-shaped piece should be unscrewed on both ends so it can be completely removed and cleaned. The homeowner should wash it out in a different sink to ensure it’s completely empty before reinstalling it. If there are any damaged areas on this piece, the homeowner can replace it at a home improvement store.

Put the Plumbing Back Together and Test

Once the u-shaped piece is cleaned, it can be put back in place. Screw both rings back onto it tightly, but not so tight that the u-shaped piece or the ring break. It should be a snug fit. Run a little bit of water in the sink to make sure it drains and to check for any leaks below the sink.

If these steps don’t work or the homeowner cannot follow them for any reason, it will require a Plumber Olivebranch MS to repair. Contact Drain Go Plumbing to have your kitchen sink repaired so it can drain easily once again. Visit website name now for more information.

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