The Warning Signs of a Plumbing Emergency in Bethlehem, PA

A plumbing emergency is any moment in which your plumbing malfunctions in such a way that it has to be dealt with immediately. There are many different types of emergencies that can afflict your plumbing. The most common emergencies fortunately do not come without warning. You need to know the warning signs to look for when you think that you might be on the brink of an emergency. Typically, these are more severe than just one clogged drain or one faulty fixture. They are problems that require much more work to correct.

Bubbles and Draining

One of the things to look for that will signal a coming plumbing emergency in Bethlehem, PA is bubbling in your fixtures. For example, if you flush your toilet and water bubbles out of your sink, you could have an emergency soon. This is usually a sign that something has begun to block the sewer main. That will prevent your fixtures from draining properly. Over time, that blockage could become more severe. In that case, it will back up into your house and cause massive damage.

If you call a plumber before that happens, an emergency can possibly be averted.

Weak Water Pressure

If you experience weak water pressure in one fixture, it usually means that there is a leak in the pipe or a blockage. You will need to have this addressed but it’s not necessarily an emergency. If multiple fixtures are experiencing weak pressure, it could be a sign that something has gone wrong in the water main. That will result in an emergency if it is left unchecked. Fortunately, you can call expert plumbers such as those at Tim Beil Plumbing to deal with a plumbing emergency as well as a potential one. You need to call them at 610-261-2074 or visit They will be able to better assess your situation. You can follow them on Twitter for latest news and updates!

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