What Is A Sewer Clean-Out?

Any water that is used in a home and then disposed of eventually finds its way to the sewer or septic system. The kitchen sink, the various toilets, showers, the bath tub, dish washer, washing machine, etc; all these appliances and fixtures dispose of water through an individual drain. All the drains in the house are directed to a common drain which leads towards the local septic tank or municipal sewage system. A plumber if Wheeling IL knows better than most that clogs and complete blockages can happen anywhere within this labyrinth.

Fortunately, the majority of problems are in a sink, toilet, etc; these problems can be approached from within the house through the problematic fixture. There are numerous ways to deal with the clog; there are commercial drain cleaners at one end of the spectrum, if the clog is of such magnitude that chemicals do no good then the solution lies with a professional and his powered plumbers snake. If the blockage is in the main drain the work to unblock it normally has to be done from the outside.

Some homes were built in such a way that the main drain can be approached from the basement but in many cases the cleanout point is located right at the property line. Any blockages that occur from the house to this clean-out are the owner’s responsibility, beyond the cleanout is the responsibility of the municipality.

It is important that the homeowner knows where the main drain clean-out is situated; the area around the drain must be kept clear so that if there is a problem it can be accessed quickly and easily. When the main drain is blocked no water from any fixture or appliance in the house can escape to the sewer, it will simply backup and spill over, getting the drain cleaned quickly is extremely important.

Even though opening the clean-out is not a problem, getting to clog usually is. A plumber in Wheeling IL has the proper tools and equipment to reach the clogged area which may be several feet away from the clean-out. Professional plumbers have numerous tools that they can use to solve the problem. One of the preferred ways is called “hydro jetting,” this is a device that blasts water under high pressure into the drain, and any buildup of
lime or other debris. If this approach doesn’t work a good plumber will be able to inspect the pipe using a small camera, often the area where the clog is will have to be replaced.

The best plumber in Wheeling IL will also be in a position to clean and repair any drains that are blocked or clogged. You are invited to contact Reliance Plumbing Sewer & Drainage, Inc. for fast, efficient drain cleaning service.

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