When Is A Sump Pump Required?

If you have even thought to yourself “when is a sump pump required” then you can actually consider yourself lucky that you have not needed to know the answer. For those that really do need an answer they are the ones that are faced with having a wet basement.

A typical sump pump is not complex, it is nothing more than a pump that lifts water out of a sump pit and pumps it outdoors. Even though the operation is simple, installing one is not, it is definitely a job for a plumber in Deerfield IL. If you do need a sump pump it is advisable to get one that has a battery back-up should there be a power failure.

What should you buy?

If your home is located in a low lying area or you live in an area where there is a high water table which gets even higher when it rains you will need a sump pump. There are plenty of different pumps available; here are a few tips to ensure you get the best one possible.

* There are two styles of sump pumps; pedestal and submersible. If you have the space have your plumber in Deerfield IL install a submersible model, you can cover the sump hole which reduces the noise from the pump motor and stops debris from falling in the hole and clogging the discharge pipe.

* Buy a pump that has a core made from cast iron rather than plastic. Cast iron is good at dissipating heat into the water which in turn lengthens its service life.

* Stay away from pumps that have a screened intake, to eliminate the possibility of clogs get a pump with an impellor that can deal with solid matter up to a half inch diameter.

If your basement has been renovated and is actually part of the living space it is always a good idea to either install dual pumps or have a spare on hand in the event the primary pump fails.

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