Why Mobile Sinks are Perfect for Outdoor Events

by | Dec 15, 2015 | Plumbers

Access. According to an article on Zillow, one of the details you’ll need to see to when you prepare an at-home wedding is to make sure portable sinks and bathrooms are available. Weddings often involve big crowds. With so many people in one place, you can expect long lines at the bathroom. Installing a mobile hand washing station or two outside the house or around the venue is one way to see to the comfort of your guests, ensuring they have access to a washing station any time they need one.

Portable. Depending on the size, a mobile hand washing station is quite easy to fit inside a van or bus. That means you can cart it off to anywhere. Have a camping trip scheduled with pals? No problem. Need an extra washing station for guests in your cousin’s wedding? You have that covered. With a mobile sink, you can enjoy a relatively civilized washing experience even when you’re out camping in the woods or by the lake. And that’s not all. Since you can bring it anywhere with you, preparing food, washing dishes and sterilizing your utensils are all easy to do, wherever you are.

Food stations. Some portable sinks are designed to blend seamlessly into a food and coffee cart. This is absolutely ideal for festivals. Need a food station for the guests? No worries. It’s also a great and handy food station for those times when you invite friends over and you simply don’t want to have to walk back into the kitchen to prepare tea or serve them coffee. Do it right there, from your garden, by anchoring the mobile food station to a nice spot within easy reach of you and your friends.

Science Lab. Need a sturdy science lab that combines everything your kids need—from ample elbow space to a large basin perfect for experiments and scientific projects? A mobile sink can becom a lab they use for their play experiments outside of class. Park the portable sink in the garden and set up the science lab, and let the young minds go to town. There, your kids can do all sorts of experiments without having them underfoot in the kitchen all the time.

Custom-Made. Not satisfied with current market designs for portable sinks? Have your own custom-made. Monsam, leading manufacturer of portable sinks, has the wherewithal and expertise to make that happen. That way, you get the portable sink you want in the exact dimensions, design and style you want it.

Shopping around for a mobile hand washing station? At Monsam, we offer an extensive variety of portable sinks, along with custom-made ones, guaranteed to give you exactly what you need.

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