4 Signs of the Need for Sewer Repair in Philadelphia

by | Feb 9, 2017 | Plumbing Problems

As most homeowners know, a residential plumbing system sees constant use. For the family’s safety and comfort, it is important to check pipes regularly and to get sewer repair in Philadelphia when necessary. Because much of the plumbing system is hidden, it is very easy to forget that it needs maintenance. Catching an issue early can reduce the expense and inconvenience of repairs. Below are several signs that a home’s sewer system may need repair.

Noise in the Pipes

The first step in determining whether pipes are functioning is to listen to them. A malfunctioning pipe can make a significant amount of noise when water flows through. If the family can hear the pipes when using the water, the odds are high that the system needs maintenance.

A Leaky Pipe

The simplest way to spot issues with a home’s plumbing is to look for leaks within the home. If a pipe is leaking, it should be immediately checked by the team at Mycityplumbing.com. Leaking pipes should be repaired as soon as possible to prevent damage to the home and its contents.

An Increase in Monthly Water Bills

Sometimes, the most reliable indicator of a sewer problem isn’t physically evident. If a homeowner notices a sharp increase in their water bill, it could demonstrate the pipes have a leak and that water is being wasted.

Wet Spots in the Yard

If the owner notices puddles in the yard, without an accompanying rainstorm, it could point to a pipe malfunction. If the water in the puddles has a foul odor, Sewer Repair in Philadelphia may be required. Regardless of the reason for water accumulation, it should be handled quickly to prevent future issues.

While most homeowners never have serious problems with a home’s sewer system, maintenance is a necessary step. If a customer notices any of the above signs in or near the home, or if they want preventive maintenance, they can call a local plumber for a preliminary consultation. With preventive care, area homeowners can keep their sewer systems running smoothly, and they can avoid the need for costly and extensive repairs.

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