Common Plumbing Problems in Your Home

Plumbing problems are projected to be on the rise. Market Research says that through 2020, a lot of homeowners would continue to opt for two or more bathrooms in their homes. That contributes to the increasing demand for even more plumbing products. And since not all these bathrooms will be built near water supplies or sewer mains, you can expect more than a few to be built quite a distance away.

This will then raise demand for pipes as well as fittings and supports—an entire plumbing infrastructure, in effect—which would then cause an equal demand for plumbing services.

Why Your Home Needs One

Future plumbing issues aside, what’s clear is that, if you have more than one bathroom in your home or a complex network of water distribution system installed, then you need to have a plumber in Corona on your list of emergency numbers.

Plumbing Problems

Here are some of the most common plumbing problems you should know about as a homeowner:

 *   Clogged sink drains. You’ll have to have your pop-up plug cleared of any debris before reinserting it into position. Or install a food grinder to get get rid of clogged drains forever.
*   Clogged toilets. Try using a plunger. Have kids? Make sure they don’t put Lucky Ducky in there for a swim. If all else fails, put in that call.
*   Weak water pressure. You can hardly enjoy your showers if the water is more like a leak than a shower.
*   Burst pipe. This is an emergency since burst pipes often spring a big leak. Put in a call right away.

Maintenance and Care

The best way to keep your plumbing issues to a minimum is to have your system inspected regularly. That way, problems can be fixed as soon as possible. No need for small issues to balloon into even bigger ones.

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