Advanced Sewer & Water Line Replacement in Moorestown, NJ

by | Sep 26, 2016 | Plumbing Problems

Traditional sewer and water line replacement in Moorestown, NJ, includes educated guess work to find the exact area of the problem. It also requires tearing up a major part of the lawn, driveway, or sidewalk to replace lines. That takes a lot of time, money, and aggravation. Advanced techniques and equipment allows properly trained professionals to pinpoint the exact location of the problem, determine the cause, and provide options to homeowners for repairs or replacement. The solution can be as simple as pumping out the lines to remove the clog or as complicated as replacing some of the lines.

A special sewer camera eliminates the guess work when it comes to determining the problem. The camera is fed through the lines so professionals can see the location of the problem. They can also determine the exact reason for the issue. A backup of the sewer lines, for example, can be caused by several things. Clogs can be due to buildups of grease or paper or be caused by foreign objects in the line. Shifting soil, frozen ground, or tree root infiltration could have caused pipes to crack, dent, or collapse. Seals may have been broken, pipes may have corroded, or connections may have been interrupted.

Repairs and replacement techniques differ, depending on what the problem is exactly. Trenchless sewer repair is possible with advanced equipment. Tree roots, which is the most common reason for clogs and blockages, can be cleared without digging up the yard or killing the trees or shrubs. A free inspection of the lines can let professionals know what has to be done to repair the problem. If replacement is necessary, free estimates are available, as is financing.

Sewer and water line replacement in Moorestown, NJ, come with a 20-year warranty on parts and labor, depending on which company handles the job. Upfront pricing is offered, and work is charged by the job, not the hour. That eliminates surprises and hidden costs. Extended hours are available to accommodate busy schedules. Evening and weekend appointments can be scheduled at no extra cost to homeowners.

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