Issues That May Lead to Swamp Cooler Repairs in Tucson, AZ

Living in an area that is notorious for a lack of humidity can create some very hot temperatures during the summer. In states like Arizona, many homeowners utilize the power of swamp coolers. These types of cooling units work by increasing the humidity in the air of a home, resulting in lower indoor temperatures. Just like any other HVAC unit, eventually, a homeowner will have to deal with swamp Cooler Repairs in Tucson, AZ. The best way to ensure these repair issues are handled properly is by working with a professional that has a good bit of experience. Below are some of the issues a homeowner may experience when their swamp cooler is in need of repair.

Issues With Mold

If a homeowner puts their swamp cooler in storage at the end of the summer season, they may start to have issues with mold. Leaving water in the reservoir of a swamp cooler will lead to mold developing and damage being done to the cooler. The best way to remove the mold in this type of cooler is by using a mixture of water, vinegar, and baking soda. Taking this concoction and cleaning the inside of the cooler with it will get rid of mold in a hurry.

Leakage Problems

Another common problem a homeowner may deal with in regards to their swamp cooler is leaks. Over time, the components of a swamp cooler will begin to deteriorate and cause problems. If the O-rings and seals in the unit are damaged, they will allow water to leak out. When a homeowner starts to experience leakage issues with their cooler, they will need to call in a professional to assist them. The professionals will be able to troubleshoot the cooling unit and find out what needs to be done to stop the leaks for good.

Dealing with swamp cooler repairs in Tucson, AZ in a timely manner will reduce the amount of damage that is done. Arico Plumbing will have no problem finding and fixing the problems with a swamp cooler. Visit their website to Request a Free quote on the services that are needed.

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