Things That any Emergency Plumber in Lubbock Will Tell You Should Never be Flushed

by | Aug 18, 2014 | Plumbing Problems

When you have having problems with a leaky sink or a clogged toilet you should call a plumber to come and fix these things for you. Plumbing is a great technological advancement that you are very lucky to have in your household, however sometimes things do go wrong. Some faulty plumbing situations can be prevented while others just happen and there is nothing you can do about it. There are definitely things you should never flush down your toilet, and here are a few of them.


An emergency plumber Lubbock will tell you not to let your children flush toys down the toilet. Kids like to play and experiment with things but if you need to call an emergency plumber Lubbock because your child clogged the toilet with one of his or her favorite toys, your bank account isn’t going to be to happy. Make sure your children know that the bathroom is not a good place to play, and that the toilet is used only for going potty.

Baby wipes

It’s tempting to flush baby wipes down the toilet after you use them, but any emergency plumber Lubbock will tell you to use the trash instead. Wipes are thicker than toilet paper and can eventually clog your toilet. Your toilet may seem like and endless pit, but once it gets clogged and you need a plumber to come fix it you will regret flushing those wipes.

Paper towels

The same thing goes for paper towels as it does baby wipes. Any emergency plumber Lubbock will tell you that the only paper you can safely flush down the toilet is toilet paper. Even toilet paper in excess may clog the toilet, but paper towels are much more likely to cause a clog.

An emergency plumber can be costly and you should do everything you can to prevent the need for one. There are circumstances in which you will have no choice, but try and make the right decisions. Don’t flush things down the toilet that isn’t supposed to be flushed. This will save you money and aggravation, and your plumber a trip to your house late at night to pull out an object that you know shouldn’t have been in your pipes to begin with.

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