Three Myths about an Orange County, NY Bathroom Supply Company

Buying wholesale is an excellent way for someone to save money and buying wholesale for bathrooms supplies is no exception. There are usually two ways to save money when buying wholesale, to buy in bulk or to purchase from a direct seller.

Buying in bulk is usually reserved for businesses who want to resell a product or who install certain products while saving money on total cost. There are wholesale clubs that sell in limited bulk to consumers, but that’s not the same as true wholesale, where a company might buy thousands of units of a product for use later.

Buying directly from a seller can sometimes only be available to a business owner. However, there are many companies that sell directly to the public, regardless of whether they own a company or not. For someone that is renovating their own bathroom, finding a direct Orange County NY Bathroom Supply company is a great way to save money on a big renovation project. However, there are some myths to dispell when it comes to buying direct.

Myth #1 – No Modern Looks

Many people believe that direct sellers only offer overstock items or products that are no longer being made. The truth, however, is that direct sellers have the modern options that any store will carry, and sometimes more. Visit to discover a great source for your renovation needs.

Myth #2 – Only One Brand

Some people think that if they’re buying from a direct seller, that they will only find the brand created by that seller. While it’s true that there are some direct sellers that only sell their own brands, many negotiate their own deals with different brands so that they can sell products from the nations most recognizable companies.

Myth #3 – The Deals aren’t that Good

There are those companies that claim to be wholesalers, but they really are middlemen, marking up prices. However, it’s possible to find an Orange County NY Bathroom Supply company that sells at bargain prices. With the internet, it’s easy to compare costs to see where the best deals are available.

While there are some other misconceptions about direct sellers, these are some of the most common myths. If you want to find wholesale products for your bathroom renovation, visit Ramapo Wholesalers.

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