Water Main Repair in Fairfax VA is a Job for the Professionals

by | Jul 15, 2014 | Plumbing Problems

Repairing a water main line is a job for a professional plumber. A plumber can find the leak quickly because he is trained in this work. Once he finds the leak, he will determine which method is best for making the repair. The plumber is the best person to recommend a repair because he knows which method of repair will be the easiest with the less tear up of the yard. Water main repair in Fairfax, VA has the skilled technicians available to do this work.

The several processes available include installing a new water main line which seems unnecessary if the line is broken in one spot. If the line is clogged with minerals or broken in several places, then complete replacement is the way to proceed. If the soil is hard, then replacing the line should be easy. When the old line is extracted from the ground, the new line should be easy to insert right to the main service box. Another method is to attach the new line to the old line using couplers and then pulling the new line in place as the old line is pulled out.

If the line has only one break in it, then the process of repairing it is relatively easy. With the water shut off, an air hose is inserted into the line past the break. Air is pumped in to push the water from the break up to the outlet. Then a smaller diameter hose is inserted into the main line and down past the break. In the space between the hose and the line pour urethane foam crack filler. Select one that will form a hard shell and not expand.

Many other possibilities for breaks in the water main line are possible. Water Main Repair in Fairfax VA can repair every break and they will do it quickly and efficiently. When a professional makes the repairs, you know the repairs will be done right and they are guaranteed. If the homeowner attempts to make the repairs, then he runs the risk of making a brittle line break in more places and finding out that he did not make the repairs correctly. Refer to AllPlumbing.com for more information.

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