Maintenance Practices That Will Improve The Efficiency Of Your Water Heaters in Lubbock

by | Feb 27, 2015 | Water Heaters

Water heaters can develop problems just like any other appliances at home, and fail to supply warm showers constantly especially during the winter. You should, therefore, not dismiss the maintenance practices that the experts recommend, and only wait to hire them when your heaters have failed completely. Below are some of the maintenance practices that professionals who repair and replace Water Heaters Lubbock would recommend to homeowners:

     *     Choose the right anodes and replace them when necessary: The three metals that make the anodes that you find in most Water Heaters Lubbock include zinc, aluminum, and magnesium. If you use soft water at home, the professionals recommend that you use water heaters with magnesium anodes. If you use very hard water, you should install aluminum anodes in your water heaters. Zinc anode rods are the best to use in your water heaters when you want to avoid the effects of sulfur odor in your hot water.

     *     Add another anode rod: A second anode rod offers additional protection to your entire water heater. Experts recommend that you install a second anode rod with a brass nipple that is about 2-6 inches long. It is not always a simple task installing a second anode rod without the skills and competence of a professional technician.

     *     Remove sediment: Many people do not know when there is sediment buildup in their water heaters until they observe certain signs. According to professional technicians who repair Water Heaters Lubbock, you can know there is sediment buildup when there is a foul odor coming from the heater, noisy sounds and vibrations, and element burnout in your appliance. The sediment that piles up in your heater prevents the lower elements from heating the water.

     *     Check the fittings of your water heater: You should regularly check if there are threaded connections in your appliance before you call in an expert. Threaded connections will cause the drain valves to leak and other major problems once you fail to hire professional technicians who repair and replace Water Heaters Lubbock to work on the threaded connections.

If you want to maintain your water heaters in good condition and extend their lifespan, you should heed to the maintenance practices that the experts recommend. For all the maintenance and inspection services for your water heaters, you can contact expert technicians at

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