Common Questions About Hiring A Drain Cleaning Contractor

by | Feb 25, 2015 | Drain Cleaning

When you have a clogged house drain, this can cause a disruption in your home. Instead of spending time and effort to unclog your drain, contact an experienced Drain Cleaning Contractor, like Horizon Services, to do the job for you. The information below will answer your questions about hiring a professional to free the clog in your drain.

Q.) Why is it better to hire a professional to unclog a drain?

A.) A professional has years of experience and can easily identify the culprit of your clogged drain. When you try to unclog the drain yourself, you may use improper equipment that could actually damage the plumbing system in your home. A contractor has the necessary tools and equipment to get the job done quickly and efficiently.

Q.) What types of tools and equipment will a professional contractor use to unclog a drain?

A.) After inspecting your clogged drain and identifying the problem area, the contractor will then choose which tools and equipment to use. These may include drain snakes, augers, cutting devices, or high-pressure water jets. Each clog is different, so a Drain Cleaning Contractor will have a variety of tools to choose from to do the best job every time.

Q.) What are some steps to take to prevent clogged drains in the future?

A.) To prevent your sink and bathtub drains from clogging, keep screens over your drains to prevent hair from going down the drains. Hair is one of the most common causes of clogged sink and bathtub drains. This is because the hair wads up in the pipes and prevents the water from draining. Be mindful of what you flush down your toilet because anything besides toilet paper can cause a toilet clog. Items that you should never flush down your toilet include feminine products, cigarettes, dental floss, paper towels, and baby wipes.

Contact A Professional

Contact Horizon Services Drain Cleaning contractors when you need expert service and repair for your water heater, toilet, drain, garbage disposal, or well pump. This experienced company also specializes in heating, air conditioning, and sewer line replacement. Call Horizon Services directly or visit their website to learn more about their specialties, and to contact the company for 24 hour service.

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