Surprising Facts about Professional Drain Cleaning in Marion, IA

Irrespective of whether you own a fast-paced food service establishments or run-of-the-mill residential home, you have to understand that your built-in drainage network is vulnerable to a seemingly infinite number of functionality problems, obstructions, clogs, and other troubling manifestations.

So if you’ve never taken the time to schedule a professional drain cleaning in Marion, IA, it’s important to note that you’ll inevitably run into some hang-ups with regard to your property’s pipe network.

The Objects in Your Drain System Might Shock You

Over the past several years, industry experts have conducted a handful of surveys regarding contemporary drain cleaning to identify the most prominent causes of blockage issues. After completing the series of studies, researchers were able to rank in order the likeliest instigators of plumbing problems in today’s day and age:

1. Copious amounts of culinary waste, including frying oils, cooking fats, and starches

2. Large amalgams of flushable toiletries (which are not truly decomposable)

3. Synthetic wrappers, plastic packages, and other personal effects

4. Human hair, animal fur, dental floss, and other fibrous materials

5. Cotton items such as Q-Tips, tampons, medical gauzes, and even cigarettes

6. Small solid objects, including dolls, marbles, figurines, and rubber bracelets

7. Coffee grounds and tea bags

However, drain cleaning companies have also discovered some very weird items as well, ranging from dead rats and live snakes all the way to hundred-dollar bills, frozen excrement, electric toothbrushes, and even adult diapers.

Professional Drainage Services Are Much More Cost-Effective Than You’d Think

Today’s best-rated drain cleaning contractors are highly trained and they have a wide range of remotely-operated tools that can rectify any type of clog or blockage, regardless of its depth or level of adhesion to pipe walls.

They can also repair any leaks, corroded channels, finicky joints, and other structural issues in a budget-friendly manner during the appointment. Feel free to contact a reputable local firm such as Roto-Rooter Sewer & Drain Cleaning to schedule a property inspection at your earliest convenience.

It’s the best way to avoid massive replacement bills down the road, so be sure to act quickly.

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